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Antique Clock & Automaton Conservation & Restoration

Veneered, marquetry and carved clock cases

We specialise in the conservation and restoration of English clocks dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries.


Long case clocks, bracket clocks, Viennese and black forest clocks, wall clocks, drop dial clocks; indeed any wooden cased clock or timepiece 

Boulle marquetry, ebonised and other clock cases

We specialise in the conservation and restoration of Ebonised, inlaid, marquetry and veneered clock cases.

This Boulle marquetry brass and tortoise shell clock case required extensive restoration. Approximately 25% of the brass and 10% of the turtle-shell was missing. The remaining marquetry needed removing to stabilise the substrate.

The ormolu mounts carried a duty stamp for 1740 allowing accurate dating. 

Clock Movement and Dial conservation, restoration and servicing

Specialist  conservation and restoration of good quality movements, ranging from French carriage clocks through to London year-going regulators, with projects ranging from sympathetic cleaning through to the design, fabrication and reinstatement of missing English repeat lever work.

Clock servicing - Antique clock restoration and repairs - Clock collections conservation

Lines & springs replaced

Japanned and Lacquered clock cases

We have experts in the field of Speacialist surface conservation and restoration of Japanning and Lacquer work from the 16th to the 19th centuries.


Japanning and lacquer-work is often found on Long case clocks and bracket clocks, occasionally on wall clocks and drop dial clocks; indeed japanning or Japan-work could be present on any wooden cased clock or timepiece.

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