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National Antique Furniture Conservation Service

David Burton - Antiquarian Horologist - MA (conservation) & GDip (West Dean);


"A conservative approach is taken to any project by avoiding ‘aggressive’ cleaning techniques and, where repairs are necessary, keeping as much of the original material as possible."

All movement servicing, conservation and restoration work is undertaken by our clock conservator (Dip. West Dean), David is an Antiquarian Horologist and a Member of the British Clock & Watchmakers’ Guild. We specialise in the conservation/restoration of 17th - 19th Century clocks.

Davids work focuses on the  restoration and/or conservation of good quality movements, ranging from French carriage clocks through to London year-going regulators, with projects ranging from sympathetic cleaning through to the design, fabrication and reinstatement of missing English repeat lever work. Proposals for any given piece of work are discusssed with clients and a suitable approach is agreed prior to proceeding.

Although it is important for movements to be clean and heavy oil and dirt deposits removed, techniques exist to achieve this aim without removing the appearance of age or the natural patina that has built up over the years.


National Antique Clock Conservation Service

Clock Conservation & Restoration

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